From genome to toponome: the next big challenge in human biology

After having deciphered the human genome deciphering the molecular networks of the cell, encompassing the myriads of cellular functionalities, is the next big challenge in human biotechnology. The precise knowledge of this entire functional plan, called the toponome, is the prerequisite to understand the cellular functions of proteins and other elements of spatially determined molecular networks. The first elementary Imaging Cycler® robot technology (a system for the imaging of the toponome) capable to decipher toponomes directly in a cell or tissue has been established. It is the result of 20-years of continuous technology development. It runs cycles of fluorescence tagging and imaging in situ. This technology combines several advances:

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Job opportunities

TNL offers training in toponome robotics and biology for graduates in engineering, informatics and life sciences. TNL employs specialists in robotics, automated imaging and related software developments for TNL worldwide activities.



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