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October 1st, 2006

Toponome-International Ltd. brings Toponome Research to Customers Labs - Protein networks in cells made visible for the first time – (Nature Biotechnology, October issue 2006)

London, UK/Munich, Germany/ Magdeburg, Germany.

Toponome-International Ltd. (TI) today announced, that it provides a team of specialists establishing toponome research in life science institutions of its customers worldwide. Thereby TI expands its activities started in Germany, where TI signed a contract for establishing a toponome center in the university city of Göttingen on the basis of a scientific collaboration.

About the toponome: the next big challenge in human biotechnology

After having deciphered the human genome deciphering the molecular networks of the cell, encompassing the myriads of cell functionalities, is the next big challenge in human biotechnology. The precise knowledge of this entire functional plan, called the toponome, is the prerequisite to understand the cellular functions of proteins as elements of spatially determined molecular networks (Schubert W et al. Nature Biotechnology, October issue 2006). The first comprehensive robot technology (Toponome-Imaging-Systems, TIS) capable to decipher toponomes directly in a cell or tissue has been established (patents pending). It automatically performs cycles of fluorescence tagging, imaging, and bleaching in situ and allows the researcher to adapt the components of this technology to individual biological demands. TIS combine four advances: a fluorescence technique capable of mapping hundreds of different proteins in one tissue section or cell sample; a method selecting the most prominent combinatorial molecular patterns by representing the data as vectors; a system for imaging the distribution of these protein groupings in a `toponome map´; and a system for exploring the toponome interactively in individual cells or tissues, by using a broad spectrum of new software tools.

TIS provide, for the first time, a technology that can quantify protein network features in the one individual cell or tissue in unprecedented detail in two or three dimensions. Thereby it provides a real `microscopy with functional resolution´. It detects target proteins controlling the topology and function of whole molecular networks, and finds toponome fingerprints in diseases. Both offers new opportunities for the development of diagnostics and targeted therapies.

About Toponome-International Ltd.

Inspired by the pioneering work of Walter Schubert, MD, TI was founded in April 2006 as a Spin Off of the university of Magdeburg, Germany and is located in ZENIT Technology Park. The company’s overall goal is the transfer of knowledge in toponome technology and - biology to the benefit of customers in the life sciences, thereby accelerating developments in toponomics. To achieve this goal TI provides a team which is highly experienced in technical and biological toponomics to leverage toponome research in the scientific community. TI cooperates with an existing network of scientific institutions worldwide, and ensures that customers will profit by the fast development of toponome tools, assays and data bases generated by interacting partners. TI also performs in-house projects for its customers and provides training and teaching courses in technical and biological toponomics. It is TI’s vision that biology drives toponomics.





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